Monday, August 8, 2011

Death Comes As the End Read-Along

I hope everyone enjoyed the novel. I know I did did. Below are a list of questions about the Agatha Christie novel, Death Comes As the End. You can answer as many as you want or ask a question of your own. I'm anxious to read what you thought of the novel.

1.Who did you believe the killer was while reading the novel, and why?
2.Who was your favorite/least favorite character?
3.Where you surprised to learn who the killer was?

Throughout most of the novel, I felt Henet was the killer. She seemed to have the perfect motive. She bragged to no end about her suffering disrespect from the family members and her constant loyalty to the family despite it. Why? I felt she wanted Imhotep to fall in love with her and marry her. Then, after years of so-called loyalty, she finds herself shocked to have Imhotep return home with a young, beautiful concubine. I felt that infuriated her and forced her to do something about the woman who threatened to take what she struggled for years to obtain. Also, her false self-sacrificing personality convinced me she had a heart of stone, which she proved true when she finally admitted to Renisenb that she hated her and the family.

My favorite characters were Renisenb and Hori. Renisenb was naive, honest and loyal while Hori was an honest and loyal man of integrity.

My least favorite character was Henet. Christie did an amazingly good job of developing her as an irritating and frustrating character. Haven't we all known a person like her at one time?

I was surprised to learn Yahmose was the killer, and yet it made sense. He was near Satipy when she fell from the cliff and he definitely had motive. He saw everything he worked for being given to his father's concubine and he left penniless. I suspected several characters throughout the story, but as stated already, I was convinced it was Henet.

I'm anxious to read your responses.


  1. Just posted my answers.

  2. Shaz,

    Thanks for posting a link to my blog where I left my own comments on the story.

    I really enjoyed reading Death Comes As the End, as I've enjoyed every other Christie novel.

    I like your idea of a regular read-along and will begin one next month. If you decide to have one, I'll join.

    Also, I enjoyed reading your comments on the story and look forward to reading more of them.

    p.s. I'm now reading The Hollow, also by Christie.

  3. Assalam_o_Alaikum and hi all friends