Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This blog is a response to Rachelle Gardner’s blogs and comments on self-publishing.

If I were her, I’d be ripping my hair out at the roots. Why can’t we all just agree to disagree?

Can a self-published author find an agent and publisher? Yes and no.
The question is: Is the writing good enough? The answer: That depends upon the author. For example: I have three POD suspense novels available through my website: http://www.mj-macie-mysterybooks.com. I have painstakingly edited each novel and put my heart into every sentence. Some self-published authors have not. Some have slapped words on a page, or worse yet, stream-of-conscientiousness and called that a book.

Recently, an author published by Simon & Schuster sent an email asking why I had chosen to go with POD. She stated that my work had been edited, I have a natural talent and that I had captured her from the beginning. My answer: I listened to God and my husband. “Get the work out there and they will respond,” my husband said. So, I did and I am getting responses.

So, can a self-published author find an agent and publisher? Absolutely! Will it happen? Well, that depends upon the author.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your responses.

M.J. Macie