Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where Does Your Plot Inspiration Come From?

Where does the inspiration for the plot of your stories come from? Do you pull it from the headlines, television shows, movies or books you’ve read?

I watched a commentary where Helen Fielding, the author of BRIDGET JONES’S DIARY, confessed that she drew her inspiration from, and based her book upon, Jane Austin’s PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. The end result? Two separate stories with the same powerful emotions. Not only did we viewers of Bridge Jones find ourselves comparing classical to contemporary fiction, but also drama to comedy. And it worked!

I’ve been moved by powerful scenes in movies. We all have. I took one emotionally charged situation from a movie and saw how I could portray those same emotions with the protagonist of my story. Two different stories with uncommon situations, yet both characters struggled with the crippling emotions of guilt and fear. And yes, it worked.

What about you? Have you taken plots or emotions from movies or novels and adapted them to your characters personalities?


  1. I get inspiration from many places--television shows, stories on the Internet or newspaper--or just overhearing a conversation at the hairdresser or grocery store!

    I also use many of my own past experiences and change it up (to protect the innocent). I've discovered I'm much more creative when I read a novel--not that I copy anything. It just inspires and motivates me. I haven't been reading this month (we've had company since July 2). That probably explains why my writing is suffering.

    Love your blog!

  2. Thanks. I'm still new to blogging and hope to get the hang of this soon. I'm open to any tips.