Thursday, July 23, 2009

What Inspired You To Become A Writer?

As a child, I watched my father read a thick novel each evening and wondered what he found so intriguing about it that he could finish the book in a day or two. I, still reading children’s books, was curious and had to know the secret of the thick novel. I decided I'd give one a try. I found a novel titled MAN-CHILD IN THE PROMISE LAND and couldn't put it down.

This book was something my mother wouldn't have approved of for my age, so I read it in secret. I loved that book and I was hooked!

At fifteen, my family drove from Buffalo to El Paso for my sister’s wedding. For the many long days and hours in the car I read GONE WITH THE WIND. I really loved that book and became a Civil War fan because of it.

Many years and hundreds of books later, I came to the realization that I too could write a book. And so the long journey began. . .

I’d love to know what inspired you to become a writer. I find people’s lives so interesting and would be honored if you’d share your beginning as a writer with me.


  1. Hi MJ stopped by for a visit. Have to tell you that if I don't write I might go mad, cause I just have to get everything out. I'm not one for idle.. Parajunkee

  2. I so agree with you!It's amazing how moody I get when I don't write. I'm impossible to be around. Then, when I do write, I feel my heart lifting and that I am accomplishing something wonderful. This is truly a gift.

    So great to hear from you. I feel you are a kindred spirit and pray all your writing prospers.