Monday, May 30, 2011

My Faux Pas

Last August I posted a blog titled: My Faux Pas, and asked readers if they felt it was alright to invite someone to check out their blog or leave a link to their blog in the response. At that time, I had just begun blogging and only received one response. Here it is almost a year later, and I would still appreciate some feedback on the subject. So, today I have again posted the former blog in hope of more comments.

My Faux Pas
Is it improper to invite someone to check out your blog or to leave your link in a response on theirs?

It seems I’ve committed this major faux pas and was confused as to why. I thought one of the reasons for links was to make things easier for the internet user. In fact, one of the reasons for the internet is to make life easier for the user. I found both links and the internet have made my life a great deal less stressful. I’ve also made a few friends by leaving a link to my blog. New friends in which I have something in common.

I asked myself, what’s the harm? If they leave a link to their blog and I want to check it out, I’ll click, if I’m not interested, I won’t. No big deal, right? Turns out I’m wrong.

So why all the fuss about leaving a link to your blog in a response? I have graciously been informed that many writers don’t appreciate us leaving our link in a response to their blogs. To all those writers I’ve linked, I am truly sorry. I meant no harm. I now understand some writers look at a link attached to a response as advertising our sites on their blogs. I now understand how that would appear as intrusive and offensive.

What do you think? Are you also guilty of advertising on another blog? Do you think it's alright to do or wrong?


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  2. I honestly don't see any harm in doing that. I am not a writer though, so maybe if I were my response would be different. I feel it is just like you said, you can post the link, if I want to click on it then I will, but if I am not interested I wont.

  3. Maybe it depends on how many times you've already visited the blog and commented. If the first time you comment, you're simply advertising yourself, it can come across as just "using" the site to promote yourself.

    I get this same sorta thing on Twitter. I follow someone, and the FIRST thing they do is send me a link to their site to check out. It seems they're only gaining followers to advertise themselves that way. A better way to do it is to have a link on the profile, and people WILL check it out if they're interested.

    Also, if you have your site linked with your profile on Blogger or wherever, if people want to visit you, they can and will. Linkies do make it easier for them to click on you, but they're not necessary.