Saturday, February 27, 2010

Your Opening Lines

Right now I'm struggling with the 'hook' or opening lines for my latest novel so I thought I'd ask for help. Nothing sparks the imagination like reading the opening lines of other writers.

Would you like to share your inspiration to help spark mine? I'd love to read your opening lines and have our readers comment on them. I believe we could all learn from this experience. What do you say?

Send me your opening lines and I'll post them and ask for feedback.


  1. Just thought of this one last night for a short story I want to write today.

    "What have you done?"

  2. Starting with a question. I like that. Thanks.

  3. “I need a good idea on how to kill someone,” Carol Reston said.

    This is from my just published humorous mystery,

    or...How about this: "it was the bitterest winter in a century. Frigid air swept down from Canada. Hard icy winds blew off the lake. The temperatures hadn't been above freezing for weeks. Most people were cold, many were miserable. Some died."
    "The Worst Evil,"

  4. I like them both. The first gives the impression the story will be a mystery and the second one reminds me of Buffalo, NY where I grew up! I could really visualize that one.

  5. Close, it's Chicago - and there IS no place colder in the world than an EL stop, in January, at 0700!