Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Any Elizabeth George fans out there? If so, add your review, critique and insight on Elizabeth George’s mystery novels.

I’ll begin with her first novel, A Great Deliverance in which George introduces her two detectives, characters so real readers come to care about them quickly.

First, I’ll write about the efficient, physically fit and attractive, Detective Inspector Thomas Linley. He is moody, broody and temperamental. Sound like a character you’d despise? Not once you get to know him. Thomas is not the typical spoiled rich boy, but instead is uncomfortable with his wealth and never flaunts it or his heritage. In fact, he has become an officer of the law to help people. The reader finds it easy to accept his moods when considering his sincere humility.

Thomas excels as a man of appropriate actions. When the reader expects him to react as any other character would in a similar situation, he doesn’t. In fact, his reactions have surprised and delighted me many times. Not only is he highly intelligent, he’s also clever and exceptionally polite. Thomas not only is the perfect gentleman, but is also the perfect character.

Next is Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers, the total opposite of Thomas Lindley, and his partner. In fact, Lindley is the only officer willing to work with her. Barbara has alienated herself from the other officers by her offensive mannerism. She is disheveled, plump, and unattractive. Like Thomas, Barbara is moody; however her personality is more hostile. Until you get to know her and realize her aggression is a self-preservation mechanism to hide her feelings of inadequacy. George brings this character to life in a way that helps readers understand her vulnerability and to love the character’s humanity. Beneath the rough exterior, Barbara is caring and sensitive.

No redundancy in George’s dialogue or narrative. How refreshing!

Have you read the book? If so, please add your comments, critique, review, insight and/or opinions on these characters. If you haven’t, now may be a good time to read mystery writer, Elizabeth George.

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